Queen Sweet 16 Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended the Queen Sweet 16. Results below, more info aan footage to come today, and in the days to come. Finals will be up later on tonight.

Queen Sweet 16 champ: Bonita

1v1 champ (NW Sweet 16 spot): Prince Hector

All styles crew winner: Free-losophy

Other highlights from the night. AP from Crisis ripping it on the 1vs1s, Final battle, Bonita vs J-Kay (Clash of the b-girls titans), Blazii on the 1vs1s, 1st round of the Queen Sweet 16, watching Ben Vo & Ron the Don and Free-losophy.

Queen Sweet 16 Bracket

Final Battle:
Bonita vs Jk47

Semi Finals:
Bonita vs Macca     Jk47 vs Momo

Quarter Finals:
Macca vs Crissy B    Lady Savage vs Bonita    Momo vs Naj    Jk47 vs Fidget Freedom

Prelim Round:
Macca vs Jordie    Crissy B vs Rascal    Maho vs Lady Savage    Jess2sick vs Bonita
Momo vs Jade    Naj vs Edukate    Emma Ready vs Fidget Freedom    Cristeez vs Jk47

All Styles Bracket
Final Battle:
Freelosophy vs ch1

Semi Finals (posting week of Nov 5th):
Ron the Don and Ben Vo vs Freelosophy    Harold and Kumar vs Ch1

Northwest Sweet 16 Qualifier Bracket
Final Battle:
Price Hector vs AP

Semi Finals (posting week of Nov 5th):


Queen Sweet 16 -2012 brackets released!!!

The official brackets for the Queen Sweet 16 international b-girl competition are now up. Check the flier below:

Macca-360 Flava, Philly
Jordie-Wicked FX ,Portland

Crissy B-Rock So Fresh, LA
Bout It-Solo, Dallas

Fiamma Rocka-Solo, Italy
Lady Savage-WildMad, Vancouver BC

Jess2sick-Solo, Seattle
Bonita-Rock Steady Crew, LA

Momo-Qween of Qweenz, Japan
Jade-Gooddistas, Milwaukee

Naj-Fraggle Rock Crew, Seattle
Edukate HBO/TBG, Atlanta

Emma Ready SIN Cru, Edinburgh, Scottland
Fidget Freedom-Until We Die, LA

Eka-Wired Monkeys Bologna, Italy
JK47-Solo, Vancouver BC