Queen Sweet 16 – 2015 Europe


In 2013, we had the pleasure of hosting Evil Eve and Loopi from Germany at the Queen Sweet 16. In 2014, they were kind enough to offer to bring the event to their hometown. We graciously accepted, and the process began.

2015 will mark our move into the European market for the Queen Sweet 16. It will feature the best b-girls from all over Europe, as well as a 3v3 side battle for anyone to enter. The Queen Sweet 16 battle will feature our signature Outshine Rounds, with hand picked b-girls from Poland, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Slovenia and more. The event will take place at the Family Fun Festival in Leipzig Germany, info below.

Halle5, Windscheidstraße 51, 04277 Leipzig

Friday, Sept. 4th – ‘WARM UP’
Barbecue, Beginners-Workshop, Cypher, Toprock-Battle

Saturday, Sept.5th – ‘KNOWLEDGE’
Footworks by BGirl Emma (Sin Crew, Great Britain)
Creativity by BGirl Movie One (Lunaticks Crew, Spain)
Individual Focus by BBoy Buckingham/Abe (Flexible Flav Crew, USA)

Lecture on BGirl-History by BGirl Frost (Dirty Mammas Crew, Germany)

Sunday, Sept. 6th – ‘BATTLES’
Queen Sweet 16 invite only battle
3v3 open bracket (must have one member under 18)

The Queen Sweet 16 Bracket:
Sonntag, 6. Sept. – “BATTLES”
1 vs 1 BGirl Battle – QUEEN SWEET SIXTEEN
Winner: 500 €
13 Invites and 2 Prequalifications, 1 Qualification spot for the day
Bene (France)
Bo (Netherlands)
Erzhena (Russia)
Fairytale (Sweden)
Frost (Germany)
Jilou (Germany)
Lerok (Germany)
Nadeen Shine (Switzerland)
Olly360 (Ukraine/Italy)
Paulina Starus (Poland)
Pauline (Netherlands)
Stina (Sweden)
Tamala (Slovenia)
Qualification in Great Britain – winner: Terra
Qualification in France
Qualification for the day

Emma Ready Hamilton (Sin Cru, Great Britain)
Movie One (Lunaticks Crew, Spain)
Buckingham (Flexible Flav, USA)

Jasty (Brno, Czech Republic)
Planet (Magdeburg, Germany)

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