Northwest Sweet 16 – 2013 Recap

We would like to thank everyone who made The Northwest Sweet 16 2013 a huge success. Congrats to Vital from Misguided Steps for once again taking the Championship. Final results below:

Sweet 16 Champion – Vital, Misguided Steps
Runner Up – Ives, Evolution of Rhythm

6v6 Open break-dancing – Dance Broomz
Runner Up – Jungle Brothers

3v3 All styles – Black Chapter
Runner Up – Cannibals

Highlights of the night included Dance Broomz vs Jungle Brothers. That battle will go down in the history books for the Northwest. Kindred vs Huss in the first round, got so hype the lights even went out. Ives once again coming super prepared, and Vital taking the Sweet 16 for a second year in a row. Last but not least, a quick trendy clip called the Harlem Shake.

Footage for the finals coming today, the rest of the footage coming in the next couple weeks.


Northwest Sweet 16 Bracket:
Final Battle:
Vital vs Ives
3rd Place Battle
Dean vs Serg

Semi Finals:
Dean vs Vital | Ives vs Serg

Quarter Finals:
Serg vs A Minus | Jax vs Ives | Vital vs Mango | Dean vs Cannibal Kindred

First Round:
Serg vs Jake the Capsoul | AP vs A Minus | Jax vs Rambo | Ives vs Blazii
Vital vs Merk | Mango vs Matt | HUS vs Cannibal Kindred | Prince Hector vs Dean

6 vs 6 Crew Competition
Final Battle:
Jungle Brothers vs Dance Broomz

Semi Finals:
Jungle Brothers vs Unleashed | Dance Broomz vs Misguided Steps

Quarter Finals:
Unleashed vs Vancouver & Mpo | Now or Never vs Jungle Brothers
Misguided Steps vs Dogg Pound | Dirty Rotten Scoundrels vs Dance Broomz

3 vs 3 All Styles Competition
Judges Showcase
Final Battle:
Black Chapter vs Cannibals

Semi Finals:
Black Chapter vs Fraggle Maho | Cannibals vs Ginyu Force Killers

Quarter Finals:
Black Chapter vs ??? | Fraggle Maho vs ???
Ginyu Force Killers vs Bad Kids | Cannibals vs Dragon Swag

IMG_5225 IMG_5229 IMG_5243

Schedule for the Sweet 16

The schedule for the Northwest Sweet 16 this Saturday, February 23rd, 2013:

2pm Doors open for competitors

3-5pm – Downstairs – prelims for 3 v 3 all styles, top 8 advance to finals
Upstairs – prelims for 6 v 6 break-dancing, top 8 advance to finals

5pm – Doors open to public
Handstand competition
Harlem shake video (smh)

6-11pm – Finals
Northwest Sweet 16 bracket first round
6 v 6 B-boy quarterfinals
3 v 3 All styles quarterfinals

Northwest Sweet 16 quarterfinals
6 v 6 B-boy semi-finals
3 v 3 All styles semi-finals

Northwest Sweet 16 semi-finals
6 v 6 B-boy finals
3 v 3 All styles finals

B-boy fidget showcase song

Northwest Sweet 16 final


Free after party spun by DJ Ohmega Watts
90s night theme
@95 Slide (The old War Room)
722 E. Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98122

Northwest Sweet 16 Bracket Announcement!

The PDX finals just happened this last weekend. The final battle included Tombo and Merk, check out the battle here. Congrats to Merk for the win. He will be representing at the finals on February 23rd.

In other news, J-Styles dropped from the bracket due to a TV filming schedule conflict. The invite for that fill spot has been extended to Tombo, Still waiting to hear back on if he accepts.