Outshine Productions was starting in 2007 by two Northwest based b-boys with the intent of supporting the break-dancing community. Their vision was to create fun, unbiased competitions for b-boys and b-girls to exhibit their skills.

Since it’s inception, Outshine has encompassed the following events: Through the Grapevine, Breaking the Silence, The Takeover, Northwest Sweet 16, Queen Sweet 16, EvoFest, and many other community based events.

At the moment, Outshine is currently working on obtaining it’s 501c3 status from the Federal government in order to be recognized as a non-profit. We hope to offer scholarships to dancers and free classes to inner city youth in the near future.

Richard Chon, Tim Uomoto

Senior Officials:
Andy Oledan, Joe Ricci, Alejandro Luna, Brendan Uomoto, Marcus Sharpe, Frank Miles

Queen Sweet 16 Senior Officials:
Loopi Wein, Evil Eve

Southeast Sweet 16 Senior Officials:
Mike Pellz

Southwest Sweet 16/Sweet 16 Championships Senior Officials:
Abraham Dunham, Matthew Thoa, Ryan Tsniu

If you would like more information about events, or have and other comments about Outshine, please email us at: