All Style Sweet 16 – 2017

17Location: Chinatown International District in the Old Uwajimaya Parking Lot
Time: 8-11pm, schedule below

Outshine Productions will be once again hosting the All Style Sweet 16 at the International District Night Market. Previous years have been a blast, and we look forward to putting on another quality event featuring the best all style dancers from around the Northwest and beyond.

Judges will be looking at three different categories:
-Musicality/adaptability to different music styles
-Technique/foundation, how well you dance within your dance style
-Battle/energy, how well you battle, how much energy you bring to the table
We will be implementing the Outshine Round in this battle, meaning the dancer who goes first gets the option of a third round. If you go first, and after the two rounds are up, you feel you are losing, take a third round. If you feel you are winning, cut it off. The third round will always be 90s music.

The event is free, come join us to watch the competition and for a dance party after. Shedule below:

8-8:30pm, day of wild card
8:45pm – Top 16
9:30pm – Quarter Finals
10:00pm – Semi Finals
10:30pm – Final Battle
11:00pm – 11:15pm, performance by Fidget
11:15pm-12, dance party featuring Magic Sean
*All times subject to change, all competitors should be on their toes, one dancer was eliminated last year due to not being present.

Jensine, Seattle WA
Fidget, Seattle WA
Natasha, Vancouver BC
Kim Sato, Vancouver BC
Ben Vo, Portland OR

Competitors will be announced once they are confirmed

1. Maverick (Shadow Shifters | SEA)
2. G Dumb (Beat Hippies/Tymeless | SEA)
3. Heartbreaker (Just Us Crew | SEA)
4. Caps (Record Junkies | SEA)
5. Gi (Chinatown After Hours | SEA)
6. Lockstatic (West Coast | US)
7. Sheena (Konichiwaack | CAN)
8. Chris Kaku (Groove Clan | SEA)
9. Quiet Loud (GGDC | CAN)
10. Leo (Goodfellas/Concrete Samuraiz | Sacramento, CA)
11. Shady (Deadly Assassins | PDX)
12. Jesse Sykes (The Lot Original/Body Poets | UT
13. Tendo (T.O.W.N. | TACOMA)
14. Steel Will (Rumble Kingz | LA, CA)
15. Animal (Soul Shifters | CA)
16. Day of Wild Card Spot

$200 – 1ST PLACE
$100 – 2ND PLACE