Northwest Sweet 16 – 2018

We are happy to announce the continuation of the Northwest Sweet 16 into the 11th year. This year will mark a change in the structure of the competition. In order to make the process more decentralized, more than half of the competitors will be sourced from prelims. We believe this will make the choices less political, as our board members will have less choice on who competes in the final. Prelims will take place in Vancouver, Seattle, Eastern Washington, Portland, and Alaska. With the exception of Alaska, each prelim will have an invited 8 bracket, in which the winner will represent at the finals, and an open 1v1 bracket for anyone to enter, in which the winner will represent at the finals.

Washington Hall
153 14th Ave
Seattle WA 98144

11am: All Style Workshops
12pm: Doors open for 3v3 all style and 5v5 b-boy/b-girl crew prelims
6pm: Doors open for public
7pm: Finals (Top 8 all style crews, top 8 b-boy/b-girl crews, Sweet 16 invite only bracket)
11pm: Close

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The Northwest Sweet 16 Bracket:
1. Seattle Prelim @ Zulu Anniversary – Feb 17th
2. Seattle Prelim @ Zulu Anniversary – Feb 17th

3. Vancouver Prelim – Feb 17th
4. Vancouver Prelim – Feb 17th

5. Portland Prelim TBA
6. Portland Prelim TBA

7. Eastern WA Prelim – Feb 24th
8. Eastern WA Prelim – Feb 24th

9. Alaska Prelim

10. Curtis – Stray Path Crew – Vancouver BC
11. Buckshot – Unleashed – Seattle WA
12. Tombo – New Birth/Hoodz – Portland OR