Queen Sweet 16


The Queen Sweet 16 is a invite only tournament feature the top b-girls from around the world. In a culture dominated by men, we strongly believe the women of hip-hop should be showcased and honored. Each b-girl is chosen based on her skill level, how respected she is in the community, and what competitions she has won in the past. All time winners from the competition include:

Champion: JK47 (Solo, Vancouver BC)
Runner up: Lee (Fraggle Rock Crew, Seattle)

Champion: Bonita (Rock Steady Crew, Los Angeles)
Runner up: JK47 (Solo, Vancouver BC)

Champion: Nagi (Qween of Qweenz, Japan)
Runner up: Evil Eve (Germany)

Outshine Productions will be taking a 1 year hiatus from Queen Sweet 16 in order to set up Europe.

Europe edition!

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