Northwest Sweet 16

The Northwest Sweet 16 is Outshine’s premiere event. 16 b-boys/b-girls are chosen from the Northwest to represent either their region or their crew. They are chosen based on competitions they have won, how strong they have been representing at battles, and how much promise they have shown throughout the year. We have been fortunate enough to have worked with pretty much every crew in the Northwest, and would like to thank all the dancers who have supported the event throughout the years.

Sweet 16 rules:
-5 judges
-no judges can judge their own crew
-2 rounds per battle, b-boy who goes first gets the choice of a 3rd
-finals are 3 rounds per b-boy with a choice of a 4th

All time winners include:

Champion: Junior (AOM, Seattle)
Runner up: Lukie (Crisis Crew, Bellevue)

Champion: Thesis (Knuckleheads Cali, Seattle)
Runner up: Tim Chips (Fraggle Rock Crew, Seattle)

Champion: JBugz (Soul Felons, Vancouver BC)
Runner up: Tricky (NON, Vancouver BC)

Champion: Mango (No Roots, Seattle)
Runner up: Tim the Pitt (Massive Monkees, Seattle)

Champion: Vital (Misguided Steps, Seattle)
Runner up: Tim the Pitt (Massive Monkees, Seattle)

Champion: Vital (Misguided Steps, Seattle)
Runner up: Ives (EOR, Anchorage)

Champion: Thesis (Knuckleheads Cali, Seattle)
Runner up: Boxcutta (Fraggle Rock, Seattle)

Champion: JBugz (Soul Felons, Vancouver BC)
Runner up: Buckshot (Unleashed, Seattle WA)

Champion: Tim the Pitt (Massive Monkees, Seattle WA)
Runner up: Stedlove (MZK)

Champion: TBD
Runner Up: TBD

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The Northwest Sweet 16 – 10 Year Anniversary Recap

Okay folks here we go <deep breath>. Want to thank everyone who came out and supported the Northwest Sweet 16 10 year anniversary. It was a magical night with unicorns and glitter and all that good stuff. I’m sure yall are dying to know the results, they are below:

The Northwest Sweet 16 Champion:
Ives – Rock Force Crew – Anchorage Alaska
Runner Up:
Phil Wizard – Wizards Crew – Vancouver BC

5v5 B-boy/B-girl Crew Champoins:
Massive Monkees – Seattle WA
Runner Up:
NON – Vancouver BC

5v5 All Styles Champions:
Flooridians – Florida
Runner Up:
Chapter1ne – Oregon

The Sweet 16 was definitely the highlight for the event this year. Brendan Boxcutta throwing some incredibly intricate footwork combos, Philip Kim hitting some amazing blow ups, Dann Vital doing his unique style the whole night, and of course Ives Viray for blowing it up and taking the entire event. Flooridians in the all style comp couldn’t be touched, and had some of the best crew dynamics I’ve ever seen. Massive Monkees once again won the b-boy crew comp with strong solos and routines that overpowered everyone else. The Power King Exhibition did not disappoint either, thanks to Bryan Fishy Nguyen, Alejandro Luna-Juliano, Matt Wong, Khang Nguyen for taking the time to rep.

Lastly I wanted to thank everyone who has helped to put this event on over the last ten years. The Northwest Sweet 16 has always been an event for the Northwest, by the Northwest. It has been great to see the dancers and community members take ownership of the event. I’m sure I’m forgetting a couple people, please don’t take offense as my brain is fried from yesterday. Ricky Chon for co-founding the event and then bouncing like a little punk. Andrew Oledan for being waaaay cooler than Ricky Chon. Sean Fish Boogie for always coming hard with the beats. Joe Ricci for being ring girl and being a true partner in crime. Hosts throughout the years keeping the energy flowing: Niko, Jireh, Joe. Djs shaping the jam with vibes: Fish, Andrés Digg One, Soul Rane, Kitman. Tracey Wong and Jensine San for helping with the all style tip. Kitty Wu and King Khazm Kogita for holding it down at Zulu and Washington Hall. Everyone who has participated in the Sweet 16 and battled in the crew comp, or just friggin showed up for that matter. And of course everyone who helped with the little things that added up to big things: Kimi, Miles, Sandy, Brendan, Sushen, Andrea Mercedes McCaw, Lee Nagy, Ana-Beth, Marcus Sharpe, Remi M Street.

I’m sorry to say this jam has taken it’s toll on me mentally, physically, and financially. I’ve made the decision to only do it in the future if I have sponsorship, meaning, there could be one next year or this could have very well been the very last one. I’d like to keep it yearly, but I simply don’t know how likely that is. In the case this was indeed the last one, from the bottom of my heart, everyone, thank you thank you thank you….

-Tim Chips

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