Northwest Sweet 16

The Northwest Sweet 16 is Outshine’s premiere event. 16 b-boys/b-girls are chosen from the Northwest to represent either their region or their crew. They are chosen based on competitions they have won, how strong they have been representing at battles, and how much promise they have shown throughout the year. We have been fortunate enough to have worked with pretty much every crew in the Northwest, and would like to thank all the dancers who have supported the event throughout the years.

Sweet 16 rules:
-5 judges
-no judges can judge their own crew
-2 rounds per battle, b-boy who goes first gets the choice of a 3rd
-finals are 3 rounds per b-boy with a choice of a 4th

All time winners include:

Champion: Junior (AOM, Seattle)
Runner up: Lukie (Crisis Crew, Bellevue)

Champion: Thesis (Knuckleheads Cali, Seattle)
Runner up: Tim Chips (Fraggle Rock Crew, Seattle)

Champion: JBugz (Soul Felons, Vancouver BC)
Runner up: Tricky (NON, Vancouver BC)

Champion: Mango (No Roots, Seattle)
Runner up: Tim the Pitt (Massive Monkees, Seattle)

Champion: Vital (Misguided Steps, Seattle)
Runner up: Tim the Pitt (Massive Monkees, Seattle)

Champion: Vital (Misguided Steps, Seattle)
Runner up: Ives (EOR, Anchorage)

Champion: Thesis (Knuckleheads Cali, Seattle)
Runner up: Boxcutta (Fraggle Rock, Seattle)

Champion: JBugz (Soul Felons, Vancouver BC)
Runner up: Buckshot (Unleashed, Seattle WA)

Champion: Tim the Pitt (Massive Monkees, Seattle WA)
Runner up: Stedlove (MZK)

Champion: Ives – Rock Force Crew – Anchorage AK
Runner Up: Phil Wizard – The Wizards – Vancouver BC

Champion: Curt – Stray Path Crew – Vancouver BC
Runner Up: Kulani – Solo – Seattle

Runner Up:

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Northwest Sweet 16 – 2019 Recap

Thanks to everyone who came to support the #northwestsweet16 yesterday. It was great to see that underground hip-hop is still viable in Seattle, even with all the changes we’ve seen over the last couple years.
Last night was super fun. First off congrats to Krubel Bekele “Buckshot” from Unleashed for taking the Sweet 16 bracket. Was great to see him finally take the championship. Not only does he get the Sweet 16 title, but Geoff Reyes will be flying him out to Florida for the UBL championship in July. Big ups to Luis Tfs Bowzee for taking second place in the 2v2 AND the Sweet 16 bracket. I’m sure all of us were wondering how he would have done had he only entered one bracket. For the 2v2, we had Byron Jay Donaldson and Dann Vital taking the W as Egyptian Cotton. For our all style champs, we extended two invites to two champions, Crownz and Squidgit (spelling?). Other notable competitors were Keltin Martin from Calgary, Mo Ramirez from Portland, Jermine Bulaong with the flavor, Sevrin Emnacen-Boyd, Samson, and a bunch more. Josh Laquian and Thomas Dominique Chung are working hard on the footage as we speak, they will have footage posted on the B-boy Network Channel asap:
Many thanks to the production team, couldn’t have done it without them. Judges: Eric Mpwo, Daniel King Reds Rojas, Anthony Kornnut Okino, Dufon Smith Orb, Victor Tran, Natasha Gorrie, Florentino Francisco, Chris Kaku Brothers. Djs/sound: Sean Lee, Khoi Quan, Tracey Wong, Drop B Angers. Photo/Video: Josh Laquian,Thomas Dominique Chung, David Cuerpo Jr. MC: Joe Ricci. Door: Kimi/Mary Lee.
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