Breaking the Silence 2014


Breaking The Silence is Outshine Production’s battle for the up and coming b-boys in our scene. If you would like to enter, post below. OG crews not allowed to enter. Our flier will feature the names of each one of the crews that signed up.

This year the competition will be a 5v5 for cash and prizes. The battle will also feature an area code battle for which we are still figuring out what scenes should go head to head. Post below if you have any suggestions. Congrats to Record Junkies for taking the jam last year!

Doors open at 5pm
Prelims start at 6pm
Alejandro Luna-Juliano “Lunatic”
Fish Boogie
Dan the Man – Dog Pound
Jermz – Dance Broomz
Dann Vital – Misguided Steps
Crooked Criminalz (Confirmed)
Underground Assassins (Confirmed)
Break Animals (Confirmed)
360lympia (Confirmed)
Street Marauders (Confirmed)
Dirt Bagz (Confirmed)
Floor Raiders (Confirmed)
Lost Banditz (Confirmed)
Catch em All crew (Confirmed)
Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz (Confirmed)

UW Breakers (Unconfirmed)
New Birth (Unconfirmed)
Cookie Crisp Wizards (Unconfirmed)
Soul Rebelz (Unconfirmed)
Kaiten-Reflexes (Unconfirmed)

ODB (Canceled)
Shoryukent (Canceled)
Reckless Republic (Canceled)
Cost: $10 at the door

(Fumi’s homies will be in town, so we will be doing a special exhibitions where everyone battles anyone that’s Japanese)

Area Code battle:
206 vs 253/360

Seattle Vineyard
4142 Brooklyn Ave NE
Seattle WA 98105

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