Breaking the Silence 2013 Recap

We would like to thank everyone who showed up for Breaking the Silence 2013. The battle was AWESOME with hype battles, great energy, and our first ever Power King Exhibition. Big ups to Record Junkies for taking the championship and Road Trip Massacre for taking second place. Marks Iller from Filthee Feet with the King of the Hill Championship, Gully from Massive Monkees for taking 2nd place. Last but not least Akhang from Def Con 5 for becoming our first ever Power King Champion.

Other notables from the night included Break Tough and Wizards and DRS showing incredibly good form, Fishy in the Power King Exhibition showing everyone some insane blow ups, and Buckshot and Fredo in the King of the Hill battle with truly unique styles.

Footage will be posted throughout this week, visit our YouTube channel, or wait for the below links to become active:


Crew Competition:
Record Junkies vs Road Trip Massacre
Semi Finals:
Road Trip Massacre vs Wizards ft DRS | Record Junkies vs Break Tough
Quarter Finals:
All quarters

King of the Hill Exhibition:
Part 1 | Part 2

Power King Exhibition

The Outshine Production Power King Championship Belt


Introducing Outshine Production’s
Power King Championship Belt.

An ongoing exhibition featuring
the Northwest’s best power heads.

New challengers each time.

4 rounds per b-boy.

First exhibition at:
Breaking the Silence, June 8th
at the Seattle Vineyard.

The Challengers:

Khang Nguyen
Matt Wong
John Sith
Alejandro Luna-Juliano

Breaking the Silence 2013


Our battle for the up and coming b-boys is right around the corner. Breaking the Silence 2013 is on Saturday, June 8th. Doors open at 5pm, battle start at 6pm. The rest of the details below:

Fumi – Battle Reflexes
Boxcutta – Fraggle Rock Crew
Vital – Misguided Steps

5-7 crew battle for the newer generation for cash and trophies:
Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz(CONFIRMED)
Soul Rebelz(CONFIRMED)
Certified Heat (Confirmed)
Record Junkies (Confirmed)
Radical Maneuvers(CONFIRMED)
Shoryukent (CONFIRMED)
New Found Era (CONFIRMED)
Radical Maneuvers (CONFIRMED)
Reckless Republic (CONFIRMED)
Floor Jerks (CONFIRMED)
Ohana Fam Crew Crew (Confirmed)
10nacious (Confirmed)
Battle Methods (Confirmed)
Keep Calm Crew (Confirmed)
Dirty Wizards Feet (confirmed)

King of the Hill for cash and trophy:
Fredo (No Roots)
Granite Rawk (Massive Monkees)
Buckshot Shorty (Unleashed)
Nori (1312)
Marks Iller (Filthee Feet)
Kindred (Barnyard Cannibals)

Power King Championship
Matt Wong – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Lunatic – Unleashed
AKhang47 – Def Con 5
Sith – No Roots